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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I reserve SIP slots for my FDW?

You can make reservations via Modes of payment: cash, cheque, credit card, NETs.

2. I have faxed the booking form. Why have I not gotten any confirmation?

All fax registrations have ceased from 31st January 2011. SIP course dates must be registered online.

3. I cannot get the slot I want. What can I do?

It is strongly advised that you reserve and pay for your FDW's course as soon as possible instead of only after she arrives so that you can secure your preferred timeslot.

Alternatively, you may come down to GMC and check if there are any slots available because of last minute cancellations.

4. When is the latest course date that my FDW can attend?

Ministry of Manpower states that FDWs are given 3 days after their arrival (including Saturdays, excluding Sundays) to complete their SIP.

5. What time does my FDW have to report to register for her SIP?

To ensure smooth registration and commencement of classes, please register before 8.45am.

GMC reserves the right to disallow an FDW to attend the class if she is late and will be considered as a no-show with no refund of SIP fees.

6. What does my FDW have to bring for registration?

She has to bring her passport, IPA (original or copy), embarkation card and education certificate. For certificate in foreign language, English translated version must be produced for verification. If possible, get her to bring the confirmation slip received after payment.

7. I have made payment for my FDW's course, but she is not turning up. Can I get my money back?

If your FDW does not turn up in any case, please inform us in writing (via fax or over the counter) as soon as possible and at least 1 day in advance so that her slot can be freed and given to someone else. This payment can then be held for 7 days (or a longer period for special cases, at discretion) and can be transferred to another FDW. A refund is not possible.

If you do not inform us at least a day before, it is considered a no-show case and your money will be forfeited entirely.

8. I booked slots for my FDW online. Why is her slot given up to others?

As mentioned, slots are only confirmed upon payment. If payment is not made within 3 days from start of test or course, it is subjected to reallocation to others.

9. Are there any special booking requirements for International Classes?

In order to serve you better, please note that for international classes we require bookings to be done at least 2 days in advance to secure the services of an interpreter of the required language. For bookings done less than 2 days in advance, the class arrangement will depend on the language proficiency of the FDW.

Settling-In Programme

1. Where can I get the certificate of attendance?

The certificate of attendance of the SIP will be given to the FDW upon completion.