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Upon Arrival in Singapore

Please ensure that the migrant domestic worker (MDW) carries a clear copy of the In-Principle Approval letter or "Letter of Notification to bring the MDW into Singapore". Upon arrival in Singapore, the letter should be presented for immigration clearance.

First-Time Migrant Domestic Workers

A first-time MDW needs to attend the SIP before starting work. A first-time MDW is one who:

Settling-In Programme (SIP)

With effect from 1 May 2012, all first-time migrant domestic workers (MDWs) will attend the one day Settling-In Programme (SIP) conducted in English or in the MDWs' native languages. The SIP aims to better orientate and equip MDWs with basic knowledge about living and working safely in Singapore. The SIP will replace the English Entry Test for MDWs. The current 4-hour Safety Awareness Course (SAC) will also be subsumed under the SIP.

Registering for the Course

A MDW should be registered for the course before arrival. These documents are required for registration:

Course Fee : $75 (nett)
Duration      : 1 day

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Responsibilities of Employment Agencies

Employment agencies should only place migrant domestic workers for employment after they have attended the Settling-In Programme.

The agency is also responsible for the MDW's upkeep and maintenance, including the provision of proper accommodation, from her arrival until she is successfully placed for employment, or until she is repatriated if unsuccessfully placed. The agency is required to repatriate the MDW, and bear the cost of doing so, if she is unsuccessfully placed.

Medical Examination

The Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) has to undergo and pass a medical examination by a Singapore registered doctor within fourteen days of arrival (including Sunday/Public Holidays) in Singapore. The Work Permit will only be issued if the Migrant Domestic Worker passes the medical examination. Migrant Domestic Workers who are unable to pass the medical examination, which includes those who have been diagnosed with active pulmonary Tuberculosis and/or HIV will have to be repatriated.

The medical examination screens the Migrant Domestic Worker for four types of infectious diseases (Tuberculosis, HIV, Syphilis and Malaria) that are of public health concern. It also serves to check that the Migrant Domestic Worker is generally fit to work at the point of examination. However, even if the Migrant Domestic Worker passes the medical examination, it does not mean that she is free from all illnesses. Employers with specific concerns may wish to send the Migrant Domestic Worker for other tests as they deem appropriate.

Employers who wish to know the results of the medical examination may obtain a copy of the completed report directly from the examining doctor.

Request for Issuance of Work Permit

Online Request

You can request for the issuance of the Work Permit via WP Online.

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